I visited Istanbul Modern Museum two weeks ago and one work in particular really had an effect on me: ‘Bana kendini getir’ or ‘Bring Yourself To Me’ by Handan Börüteçene.

ByzWtk_IIAISSVc.jpg large

It is a work about immigration, and all those suitcases belong to Turkish migrants to France, while the chairs have been brought from the National Museum of the History of Migration in Paris. We can also read a breathtaking poem on the wall.

Imagen 120a

I specially liked these lines: “Bring me people, /May each be the storytellers of their home towns. /Bring me your dreams, /Those dreams that turned me into you, head to foot, as I lived. /Bring me my own memory /That memory I yearn to meet. /Bring me everything, /Each thing the everything of something else.”

Then I asked myself: aren’t we all storytellers, migrants of our own dreams and lives?

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